Interagency Agreement Part B

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The authorizations required to obtain contractual support from the Interior Business Center vary from agency to agency. Please check your agency`s procedures to ensure compliance with regulations before executing an inter-institutional agreement with IBC`s acquisition services. An inter-institutional agreement is an agreement or order document between federal authorities that provide funds for the purchase of goods or services. These agreements have specific names, such as the request for military interdepartmental purchase for the Ministry of Defence. Purposes and MIPRs are now included in a specific document called Part B. Yes, yes. Please visit NIST`s website and open SP 800-87 to find your agency/organization ID code. Does the federal government provide information on cap-purchase contracts and DOI office purchases? Yes, as of October 1, 2010, there will be new guidelines. Please note the Department of the Interior memorandum on the mandate of the General Services Administration Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative on Office Supply Executive Orders.

Similarly, the Office of Acquisition and Property Management, part of the U.S. Department of the Interior, has a page dedicated to DOI cardholders. Department of Defence employees are encouraged to check FAQs with doD requirements through the acquisition of interagency. Information on non-economic law orders is available in the DoD Financial Management Regulation, Volume 11A, Chapter 18. This document also contains the checklist for the acquisition package, which contains steps to maximize value and important points to remember about sustained acquisitions. For all acquisitions that exceed the simplified acquisition threshold, the necessary approvals include: 1. An evaluation according to your agency`s procedures to ensure that the contract is in DoD`s best interest. 2. A certificate issued by the doD certification officer certifying that the funds indicated in the designation are available, that they are time-limited and are intended for the destination indicated by the use of the funds.

3. Order information over $500,000, including: a. An audit by an agent justifiable by DoD; and b. A check carried out by the requesting official to ensure compliance with FAR 7 standards and your agency`s procedures. Work and work services for non-economic orders outside DoD should be performed by issuing a DD 448 form, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request. An agreement between the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior signed in 2007 by Nina Rose Hatfield and Shay D. Assad sets out specific conditions for the provision of inter-institutional purchasing services. Meet DoD`s requirements through the acquisition of interagency.

. No changes can be made to the declaration of needs in good faith at the end of the year concerned, so it is preferable for the client to describe in the most complete way possible the goods and services necessary for the completion of his project, without sacrificing the specificity necessary to properly record the obligations under federal tax law. Two links below should answer questions about needs in good faith. Our FAQs inform on frequent issues or concerns. If you have any questions on certain topics that are not included here, please contact us. If, for any reason, IBC cannot take contractual steps to ensure that a contract is awarded within a reasonable period of time after the end of the fiscal year, IBC may be able to make the withheld funds excusable and return them to the client. As a result, IBC regularly contacts client agencies to keep them informed of the status of its funds and related contractual actions. Does the use of IBC`s acquisition services provide an opportunity to extend the availability of ownership? Please read the information below and contact the DOI FOIA Office if you have a request. The Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C 552, was signed in 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson to increase the openness and transparency of the federal government.

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