Monotype License Agreement

On April 10, 2021 by heart

This policy is owned by Monotype Typography and its use by you is covered by the terms of a license agreement. You received this character software either directly from Monotype or with software distributed by one of the licensees monotypes. 8. Data. You agree that monotype data and other technical information about your use of the app can be collected and used. Monotype may use this information in accordance with Monotype`s privacy policy, available at and the terms of which are included in this Agreement. License grant. You will hereafter receive a non-exclusive, non-refundable, non-transferable, non-transferable (if expressly authorized) licence for access to Police Software (i) only in a licensed unit, (ii) only for your personal or internal use and (iii) only under all terms of the Agreement. By simplifying access to fonts, offering licenses and fonts, your brand can be agile and adaptable, quickly introduce new designs to the market and grow with your customers.

We live and breathe fonts, which means we can help you meet these challenges and develop a writing strategy that works for you. Per the condizioni contrattuali ed i diritti d`uso, visitate il nostro sito web all`indirizzo For more information regarding user rights and contractual issues, it is our website Commercial Printers. You can only incorporate font software into an electronic document for printing and display and make it available to a recording printer only for printing. You can bring a copy of the font software used for a particular document to a commercial printer, provided the printer assures you that it has purchased or licensed to use that specific font software. Police Software name you licensed and downloaded into the app. Using the server. Font software should not be installed or used on an internal or external server (i.e. Internet access), unless all workstations that can access that server are part of a licensed unit. To determine the exact number of workstations for which a license is required, the following example is provided only as an illustration: If 100 workstations are connected to the server, no more than 15 workstations use the police software at the same time, but font software is used on 25 different workstations at different times, you have to buy a license that creates a license for 25 workstations.

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