Benefits of Plants

We use mainly plants to correct and improve the energy of your spaces.

There is an inherent quality in all humans to crave fresh air, to smile when presented with beautiful flowers and feel refreshed when seeing greenery. This basic need to be close to nature is not simply something that makes us feel good, but its numerous benefits also has ample support from the scientific community.
One prominent research was conducted by NASA’s Dr. B. C Wolverton on the clean air project. Unfortunately, our indoor air contains a lot of hidden pollutants and chemicals. Dr. Wolverton meticulously proven that plants are the best way to improve indoor air quality and even measured the effectiveness of each. Read more here. Read more about other research.
Adding to the physical benefits of having plants at home/in the office, living plants also bring positive energy and dynamism into your spaces. Yet not all plants were created equal,have a look at our recommended plants page.

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