What Is The Microsoft Services Agreement

On April 15, 2021 by heart

These licensing terms are an agreement between you and the application publisher. Please read it. They apply to software applications that you download from the Microsoft Store, Windows Store or Xbox Store (each of which is called the “Store” under these license conditions), including all updates or additions to the app, unless the app contains separate conditions, in which case these conditions apply. Once you have registered, your account will be part of our service contract. If you do not accept our service contract, your account will be closed. Thanks for using Microsoft products and services. 16. Miscellaneous. This section and Sections 1, 9 (for amounts incurred before the end of these Terms), 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 18 and those that will apply after the expiry of the Terms will be subject to any termination or cancellation of these Terms. We may give you all or part of these conditions at any time without notice. You may not cede your rights or obligations under these Terms or delegate rights to use the Services. This is the whole agreement between you and Microsoft for your use of the services.

It replaces all previous agreements between you and Microsoft regarding your use of the Services. All parts of these conditions apply to the extent most permitted by law. If a court or arbitrator is satisfied that we cannot apply some of these conditions as written, we can replace them with similar conditions, as long as that is applicable under the applicable law, but the rest of those conditions will not change. Section 15.i indicates what happens when portions of Section 15 (non-arbitration and class action) are found to be illegal or unenforceable. Section 15.i prevails over this section if it does not agree with it. With the exception of Section 15 (excluding arbitration and non-collective action), these conditions are exclusively to your advantage and ours; They do not benefit anyone else except Microsoft`s successors and responsibilities. But they are sure to offer you an ultimatum in a very nice way. And the 3 days of reading the “agreements” give me something I can focus on when I retire. 5.

Use of third-party applications and services. Services can allow you to access or acquire products, services, websites, links, content, hardware, games, skills, integrations, bots or applications from independent third parties (companies or people who are not Microsoft) (“Third-party applications and services”). Many of our services also help you find third-party applications and services, make requests or interact with you, or allow you to share your content or data, and you understand that by using our services, you send them from third-party apps and services.

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