Zelle User Service Agreement

You must have a U.S. checking or savings account to be a user, and your financial institution must allow wire transfers to that account. By registering to use the network directory and the Service, or by creating a profile on clearXchange.com (the “Site”) or by accessing your profile on the Site, or by allowing others to use or access the Service, you agree to the terms of this Service Agreement. You represent that you are at least 18 years of age, that you are authorized to approve credits on the registered bank account and that you will not use the Service for any illegal purpose. Subject to applicable law, we may modify or modify this Service Agreement (including all applicable fees and service fees) from time to time in our sole discretion by posting the updated Terms on the Site. Please review and read this Service Agreement regularly. If you determine that the Service Agreement is unacceptable to you at any time, you immediately terminate your profile and registration with clearXchange and immediately stop using the Service. Your continued access to our website or use of our service as a result of any addition, modification or modification of the terms of this Service Agreement constitutes your acceptance and acceptance of any such addition, modification or modification. You can register a profile with clearXchange with multiple email addresses or mobile phone numbers; However, you can only register one bank account. You understand that you are not allowed to register as a user with a bank account with a bank in the network.

One. ZelleĀ® does not offer a deposit account or other financial services. You cannot create a financial account with Zelle. Zelle does not transfer the money. All money is transferred from a network financial institution. One. clearXchange, LLC provides a network directory service (the “Network Directory”) to U.S. financial institutions participating in the network directory (our “Network Banks”) to enable convenient money transfers between their account holders registered with their respective payment services (each, a “Network Bank Customer”) using email addresses or mobile phone numbers. clearXchange provides a service to individuals who do not have a deposit account with our network banks to enable such clearXchange.com users (each “User”) to receive money from a network banking customer using the user`s email address or mobile phone number (the “Service”). You can control how and when you wish to receive notifications from us by following the instructions in the communications you receive from us and updating your settings in the Cell mobile app. To opt-out of marketing communications from us, use the communications we send options or send an email request to requestoptout@earlywarning.com.

You cannot disable administrative emails (para. B emails about your transactions or policy changes) for your saved profile. You can request cancellation of your profile and registration with Zelle by speaking to a customer service representative at 844.428.8542 (8 a.m.m. to midnight EST, excluding New Year`s Eve, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). .

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