Quiz for Subject and Verb Agreement

Are you struggling with subject and verb agreement? Do you find yourself unsure about which verb tense to use with certain subjects? If so, taking a quiz on subject and verb agreement can help you sharpen your skills.

Subject and verb agreement is when the subject and verb in a sentence must match in number. For example, a singular subject requires a singular verb, and a plural subject requires a plural verb. Getting this right can make your writing clearer, more professional, and easier to read.

To test your knowledge on subject and verb agreement, take the following quiz:

1. The dog (barks/bark) loudly at night.

2. The children (plays/play) in the park.

3. The news (is/are) always depressing.

4. The committee (has/have) decided to cancel the event.

5. Each of the students (is/are) required to turn in their assignment.

6. Neither the cat nor the dog (likes/like) to be left alone.

7. My brother, along with his friends, (enjoys/enjoy) playing video games.

8. The teacher, as well as her students, (is/are) excited for summer break.

9. The group of musicians (performs/perform) every Friday night.

10. The book that I am reading (is/are) very interesting.


1. barks

2. play

3. is

4. has

5. is


7. enjoys

8. are

9. performs

10. is

How did you do? If you got all of them correct, congratulations! You have a solid understanding of subject and verb agreement. If you missed a few, review the rules for subject and verb agreement and try the quiz again. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Some helpful tips to remember when it comes to subject and verb agreement include:

– Identify the subject and determine whether it is singular or plural.

– Match the verb to the subject in number and tense.

– Watch out for tricky subjects, like collective nouns, each, every, or subject phrases that come after the verb.

– Be mindful of agreement with compound subjects connected by “and” or “or”.

– Remember that verb tense can also affect agreement, especially in sentences with auxiliary verbs or irregular verbs.

Overall, taking a quiz on subject and verb agreement can help you improve your writing skills and prevent embarrassing mistakes. Keep practicing, and soon you`ll be a pro at matching subjects and verbs in your sentences!

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